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International Roaming
Direct Dial
Call Back
Tone Plus International Roaming
Now you can stay connected while traveling! For your convenience, all subscribers are automatically provided this service and configurations are not needed. And you also have the option to Direct Dial (at selected countries) or using the Call Back option for greater saving. For more information, please click one of the below options:

Tone Plus International Roaming - Direct Dial
Don't want to dial extra digits or wait for the call back? Just dial direct!

Zone Call Local (RM) Call Home (RM) Call International (RM) Call Receive (RM)
China 5.90 20.50 44.00 5.90
Indonesia* 3.00 0.50 44.00 3.70
Singapore 4.40 1.50 44.00 3.70
Sending SMS RM2.00 per SMS
Receiving SMS Free

How to Use:

  • Make a Phone Call: Just dial + in front of the phone number. e.g. +60105115111
  • Send a SMS: Add + follow by the phone number. e.g. +60105115111

Note :

  • Roaming calls are charged at 60 second per block
  • These rates are subject to changes without any prior notification
  • Direct dial may not be available at certain areas in Maluku, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Papua, Nusa Tenggara, Sumatera. Please use Call Back by dialing *120*+(Country Code)(MSISDN)#